Mapping Death

This is a map of those whose deaths in 1721-1722 have been recorded, and their estimated locations (either residences or real estate they owned) found through the Thwing Database. The full spreadsheet of the dead during this time period can be found in a database that will be posted late spring of 2022, and the list of the dead during the years 1720-1723 that are found in the three main cemeteries of Boston at the time of the epidemic will also be posted late spring of 2022.

Use your mouse to zoom in and out of the map, and click on each point to read more about the dead found at that location.

Red points: 1721 deaths

Blue Points: 1722 deaths


Street names corelate with the naming of streets in the Thwing Database (street names as of the early twentieth century). Thus, they may differ from the street names found on the eighteenth -century map layer.

This map is made from ArcGIS Online Web Map, June 2021 update, with a sketch layer denoting each geographic point.

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